About Us

Princess Jewelry Miami represents the confluence of Janice's family legacy, education, and unwavering passion for the fine art of gemstones. Mixing Miami's vibrant cultural hub with her jewelry-making and-wearing expertise, she has created a haven for jewelry enthusiasts. Visitors to the showroom, accessible only by appointment, are greeted with the ambiance of a cozy living room. Here, the display of jewelry is an experiential art form, inviting visitors to indulge in the process of jewelry-making, shopping, and wearing, all under the expert guidance of Janice and her team.

Princess Jewelry's signature pieces, all crafted through partnerships with select manufacturers, are the epitome of exclusivity and personalized curation. Her motto is fine jewelry for everyday and special occasions.

Our Design

Princess Jewelry was founded by Janice Grunwald, a purest dedicated jeweler, hailing from a family lineage steeped in the diamond trade for generations. Her grandfather's migration from Europe to Brazil started a mining and trading enterprise that exposed her to the multifaceted world of gems. Passing through all the phases within the business, the family dedicated a lengthy time to developing the proper techniques, relationships, and partners. Lastly, focusing on the polishing of rough diamonds.

Janice pursued a degree in Industrial Design later on, specializing as a Master Gemologist at the GIA, which further honed her jewelry-making skills. Her repertoire comprises an array of timeless, classic designs and contemporary pieces that anticipate industry trends and design aesthetics. As the curator of new jewelry and designs, she became a respected persona in the field.

Princess Story by Janice