Diamond Tennis Necklace

Diamond tennis necklaces carry an elegant design that is utterly timeless and endures decades.

Did you know?

Tennis Necklaces were crafted to match the look of Tennis Bracelets.
The latter was previously known as a line bracelet or an eternity bracelet and got its name from the renowned tennis player Chris Evert, who popularized the name ‘tennis bracelet’ thanks to her tennis court fashion. Chris was the number one tennis player in the world and was known for her unique style on the court.

Colored Stones Tennis Necklace

Add a modern twist to the traditional tennis necklace, bringing the color of different gemstones.

Layer It!

Although you can use it by itself, you can add even more style to your look, layering your tennis necklace with your favorite piece or other tennis necklaces to create the perfect combo!

Add some charm!

The traditional tennis chain can be upgraded with a pendant (or more!) of your favorite gemstone.