Be precious. Be you.

Something truly precious carries its magnificence for eternity.


From the Sanscrit ‘smaragdus’, Emerald means “heart of stone.” Admired for its rare and singular beauty, the radiant glow of emeralds has proved irresistible to queens, emperors, and maharajahs for thousands of years.

Make a Statement

Emerald has graced the necks and fingers of royalty and stars for thousands of years, not only because of its reputation as a symbol of status, but also because of its many metaphysical properties and benefits.


Emerald is considered the stone of the heart, as it symbolizes compassion, empathy, and universal love. It helps manifest a peaceful and loving existence to others and yourself.


Green, by nature, the May's birthstone symbolizes vitality, health, and wealth. It has always captured our hearts and imaginations, from royalty's legendary gems to the contemporary red carpets.